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Permanent Quest Rewards

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These are the rewards your character gets to keep permanetly.

Some have special uses, others are mainly for decoration.

Some of these can however be broken, lost or discarded.


-More Info to be added-


Zodiac Gem:

  • Purpose: Light and teleportation
  • How to use: rub for light, kiss for teleport
  • How to recharge: swallow gem, regurgitate gem to get it out.
  • Warnings : don't overuse it may crumble


Crystal Torque: 

  • Purpose: scry another torque
  • How to use: scry 


Necklace of Human Hair:

  • For decoration


Club and Shield Brooch:

  • For decoration


Strength Spell:

  • Purpose: Ability to cast strength spell. 
  • How to use: cast strength while an egg is in your inventory to get a strength boost.


Serpentine Ring:

  • For decoration
  • Training Superior Guru in Sword ( or Polearm ) if you are Calian


Silver Mermaid Ring:

  • Purpose: Breathe under water
  • How to use: wear mermaid ring


Bone Flute:

  • For Decoration
  • How to use: play flute


Staff Of Aeria:

  • Purpose: Light
  • How to use: lignium


etc etc


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