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Guild Page Template

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 Please dont reveal information that should be hidden like special skill, guild location hidden, spells ... ?. delete this line after read

Guild Location:

  • <Location of Guild>


Joining-Leaving Restrictions:

  • Mortal Restriction:
  • Racial Restriction:
  • Alignment Restriction:
  • Joining-Entrance Quest:
  • Council:
  • Leaving Penalty:


General Information:

  • Guild Type: Occ Lay ... Magic Fighter ?
  • Guild Trinket:
  • Guild Special: ( Mercs affiliate and adapt, Gardener check herbs in room, Knight have horse or Orc race change ... etc special things about that guild )
  • Guild Special Ability: ( <abc+attack> Brief Information name, effect ... For spells write in general like spell decrease stats, damage, darkvision ...  )
  • Guild Deity/God/Purpose: 
  • Guild Rules:
  • Guild Messenger: 
  • Guild Political: 


General Skills:

Skill Name
Maximum Level


Guild Experience and Tax:

  • Guild experience: From skulls,grinding,forging,questing ... ?
  • Effects of extra guild experience:
  • Guild Tax = 



  • <Describe all benefits>



  • <Describe all limitation>


Additional Information:

  • <Any extra information> 



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