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Progress Update

Page history last edited by Tarax 2 years, 10 months ago

Contributors to This Page:  Tarax, Ragni - Thanks! 

The fact that quest cook books are now legal is a game changer!

I think we now need to be nice and generous with the tips.

The quester should still be involved enough that they learn the area and have to figure out puzzles but if it is so challenging that they get stuck and give up we need to improve the tips...  



  • Reviewing all the already existing quests one by one and then ranking the quality of the tips on the page.
    • Adding Images to the page to show that they have been reviewed
      (when editing the page use CTRL+L then pick the relevant image from the misc folder)
      • For Empty pages  
      • For Pages that have tips but more need to be added
      • For Pages that are good to go
    • Adding Tags relating to the status.


  • Some general house keeping work 
    • Getting rid of the Tag Quest 
      • Although it was was useful at the start it is now too generic
      • Instead of the Quest Tag all the quests are going to be sorted into one of the three tags relating to the status of the quality of the tips on the page
    • Moving the quest pages into sub folders for each domain
      • The quests folder was very big if you wanted to browse through it using the navigator
      • It a good opportunity to review the pages before moving them into the sub folder and this will allow us to track how the review is progressing
    • Going to stop adding the Tag <Domain Name> to the quest pages, they will be in folders and linked to from the Quest Areas By Domain page.  So its not like you need tags help to find them.
    • Going to start adding a Tag for the name of the Area within the Domain. 
      • Domains are huge it can be useful to know more exactly where the quests are
      • If you are already in an area of the domain you could use these tags to see if there are any other quests near by...
    • Example of the kind of tags reviewed quest pages should now get.  Taken from the Earthsea - Find Teddy Bear quest.


  • Credit where it is due!
    • Adding list of contributors to the Top of pretty much every page.  I didn't like overwriting the last editors name so often so going into the page histories to see who added stuff and give them credit. Using Normal Font, 14pts, Bold.  Like at the top of this page.




  • Checking the hints are of the right level by someone part from who wrote them, then mark the area 

 On the Quest Areas by Domain page


Future Work :

Expanding the site with guild info, equipment info whatever we feel is appropriate.


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