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Sparkle - Merc Spy

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You find yourself in what appears to be an abandoned campsite. A loud "hmmph!"
sounds nearby. Turning to see the source of the noise, you see a nervous little
male gnome sitting on a stump. Just as he notices you, the vision fades. 



No. of People Required 1
Alignment Restrictions
Race Restrictions
Guild Restrictions
No Mercenary allowed.
Potentially Deadly
Skills Required
Equipment Required
Other quests that need to be completed 1st
Killing Required
Time Dependent No
Situation Dependent Sorta...  There could be someone who shooos you away when you try to get to the board.  But that person will move around and not always be there.



  • Find the gnome at the old campsite to the north of Sparkle and ask him for a task.
  • Complete the task for him and return for your reward. 
  • You will not be able to walk right into the guild, nor can you kill your way in.  You have to find a back way in.


KEY LOCATIONS / NPC's (Non Player Characters)

  • The old campsite where the Mercenary Guild was, from Sparkle crossroads North on the Bright road a little then East.
  • A nervous little male gnome is sitting on an old rotting log. (Gnimpsh)
  • The current Mercenary Guild (South of Pier 6) and it's surrondings, more specifically a bridge and the outside of the sawmill. 



  • To get started on the quest ask gnome quest works, then if you ask him about keywords that come up in his tale he tells you more.  If you ask something he doesn't understand he rolls his eyes.  You know you have successfully got the quest when he gives you a red leatherbound journal.
  • There is a little climbing involved and non obvious exits, the usual quest skills of looking around and examining stuff should lead you in the right direction.  
  • (There is a lot of possible things to examine, which some people were getting stuck on red herrings perhaps.  If you examine the <(direction X)> edge and then the <perimeter> this should help)



  • If you fail to figure out the syntax you could get stuck in a location and not be able to leave, therefore you would loose equipment etc when you quit in frustration.  (Unless you have Zodiac gem or another way to portal out) 
  • Woodpiles can hurt when you jump onto them.



Experience Level
A minor quest
Permanent Items
Non Permanent Items
Access to Special Areas


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Comments (3)

Gilgamesh said

at 10:02 pm on May 1, 2013

I failed to complete this quest.
I could not find a way down from the place I got to.
Perhaps the quest was protecting me from myself, instead of killing me.

I examined everything EXTREMELY thoroughly, looking for clues, but in the end decided just to go for it.

Quest seemed to contradict itself, suggesting a jump, then stopping me from doing so.

Gilgamesh said

at 10:16 pm on May 1, 2013

I did find a way back however, jumping into something softer. No closer to solving the quest :(

Gilgamesh said

at 12:44 pm on May 11, 2013

Okay I got it :)

The tip about the perimeter did it, thanks.
So much to examine, and it all seems like questy stuff.

I will add another tip tho, was sort of time / situation dependant at the end.

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