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Emerald - Torque Quest

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Contributors to This Page:  Ragni, Choash, Gilgamesh, Keltar, Tarax - Thanks!



There are several Orb tips but they are really just pointing to parts that give experience.  The scope of the quest is such that reading the tips here will be your best bet.




No. of People Required 1
Alignment Restrictions
Race Restrictions
Guild Restrictions
Potentially Deadly
Yes, not very
Skills Required
Swim and Acrobat
Equipment Required


Light that isn't effected by water

A Gem (pick one you like)

You can buy gems in gem shops 

Other quests that need to be completed 1st
Emerald - Find Rillian
Killing Required
Time Dependent No
Situation Dependent No



The Crystal Torque is an Epic Quest that gives out large rewards of experience at multiple points through out the quest.  That is why it has several quest orbs,  however it can also be considered as one HUGE quest.  And very enjoyable to work through and solve yourself.  We have been very generous with the tips here, sorry for any spoilers.  You could try doing it own your own and comming back to read more only if you are very stuck.

  • Examining many things.. lol
  • On completion of the last quest you have been granted access to the Mages Guild Library, this is where you will have to do research to understand the bigger quest and how to progress
  • Any command words that you find in the text are important and you will need to make a note of them
  • The concept which enables a spirit form is particularly important
  • You have the journal of Rillian to guide you  
  • Emerald North Shore is a really a very small area and there is a really good map for it on the site, Emerald Map
  • You will have to explore the whole of North Shore and its hidden rooms 
  • You will also need to find the journal of Raeldu for more clues on how to progress
  • There is a part which you activate something and something else lights where you need to explore, but you have to be high up to see it
  • Even when you have the torque there is another part of the quest to bind it to you 


KEY LOCATIONS / NPC's (Non Player Characters)

  • Emerald Mages Guild Library
  • A fortification in the Blackwall Mountains, This location is hinted at in the map in Rillian's journal by a narrow ledge, leading towards the summit of Melan Rath
    (from the last quest) Emerald - Find Rillian
    • You can go back to the same location and look at again if you didn't take notes
    • You know that you are at the correct place when you find a stone doorway
  • The fetid pool
  • The grotto has to be found first to know which buttons to press  
  • Numerous emblems around the North Shore, some of them have buttons



  • <read index> to get started with the tome.
  • Be sure to <read appendix> as well to understand how to use certain command words.
  • There are some non obvious exits, but these can be seen on the map on the Emerald Quests page.
  • Notice the ladder in the room with Rillians corpse.
  • When incanting command words you will sometimes need to make physical contact with an object to have an effect.  You can achieve this by using the <touch x> command.
  • Examining walls might get you started when you are searching around for clues.
  • <blow long blast>
  • <move boulder with x>
  • press <X> headpiece 
  • insert X into Y



  • The quest orb hints are not in the proper order, you need to find the grotto first, then the fragments
  • You will need to take notes of important words, figures etc for later reference.
  • You need to be well rested for certain tasks, it is not dangerous to attempt them when tired however




Have added this extra section so you don't have to resort to reading complete walk through documents.

  • Do your Research in Library, learning command words for incantations
  • Find a way to clean the pool at the bottom of the chimney so you can enter it and explore the grotto (Experience Reward)
    • Refer to the Emerald Map
    • The key to this part is at the very top of the chimney
    • Explore the area, examining thoroughly, depending where the water is going, different areas will be accessible, A light source helps you see in the tight spaces
    • When you change the natural state of the flow you only have a brief time before it goes back to how it was before
      • Need a shovel 
    • Once things are moving you have to be very fast to get away ahead of the water, or will have to find another way down.  (The other way it hurts quite a lot, could kill very small characters!)
    • Warning: If you have a light like a lamp diving into the pool will extinguish it, even if it is in a pack.  Leaving you under water and not able to see where to go! Go <up> to get out if you are stuck
  • Examine the Grotto area you reached from the pool very thoroughly
    • <exa north x>
    • <exa south x> 
    • <exa ...>
    • <exa ...> 
    • Take notes 
    • Each of these figures are the key to an emblem 
  • Return to where you found Rillian, use the knowledge you gained behind the pool to understand the emblem there.  (Experience reward)  If you didn't explore well enough might have to go back and look harder.
    • examine many things lol
    • Need to interact with the emblem eg <press top left button>  ..
    • When buttons slide into the wall with a click you are getting somewhere
    • <press middle button> 
  • Now you need to go to area that you can go up to the top of Melan Rath (shown on the map), near where the ferry to Telberin lands
    • There is a doorway there, you need to use the knowledge you gained in the mages library to pass this.  <touch door> for the magicks to work
    • Interact with the second emblem using the knowledge you gained in the grotto behind the pool (Exp reward) 
    • Examine the fragment and it will give you a new clue 
  • The next part involves places at the very opposite ends of the North Shore.  
    • Up from where you found Rillian there is a horn, the clue you got from the last part will tell you the sequence (did you forget to exa many things? lol)  There is clue on the syntax in the syntax tips above.
      • You know you got it right when the valley is illuminated with light and (Experience Reward)
    • Then you need to rush to the other side of the North Shore, up from where the door was.  
      • Examine the tablet and more things to point you to a location in the forrest, the last line on the tablet is the clue.
      • Go to that location and use your corporeal flux spell with the suffix to get to to tower.  If you run out of time have to go back to the horn.  tip <enter x>
        (Experience Reward) 
  • Explore the area you find yourself in to find a torque
    • There are non obvious exists
    • Examine everything and the quest gives you good clues what to do, the previous parts of the quest also taught you a useful command.  (need a gem remember)  (Experience Reward)
  • Bind the torque to yourself using knowledge you gained (and hopefully wrote down) from the mages library.  (HUGE Experience Reward)
    • To get back retrace your steps and you will work out what to touch 


Congrats you just did what is definitely one of the most fun series of quests I have ever encountered in any game.  Leave some feedback for the wizzie if you felt the same. ;) <praise torque>



Experience Level
About as big as it gets! Numerous fantastic progresses.
Permanent Items
Non Permanent Items
Access to Special Areas


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Comments (5)

Choash said

at 5:58 pm on Aug 28, 2014

any hint on how to get to light source after blowing the right sequence?

Keltar said

at 10:49 pm on Aug 29, 2014

I will also ask about the area where one can find the tablet portions.
I found a radiant blue stone slab after digging in the southwestern side of Del Rimmon.
But I dont know what to do with it.

ragni said

at 10:48 pm on Sep 3, 2014

Head back to the southern outpost and check the shadows.
Don't remember anything about a blue stone slab.

Keltar said

at 11:48 pm on Sep 16, 2014

Is the southern outpost where the Raeldu journal is ? I had to incant the word to pass through the doorway to reach it.
Or is it where a catapult lies which when its lever is pulled, a massive wooden beam shots out ?
I found a few places where shadows were present but searching them yielded nothing

Choash said

at 10:54 pm on Sep 17, 2014

Checked shadows they gave me the direction of the light but how do i get to its source..

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