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Earthsea - Gather Clams

Page history last edited by Tarax 3 years, 3 months ago

Contributors to This Page: Ragni, Grondor, Keltar, Elemmiire, Arand, Khatharr - Thanks!



You reach out and place your hands on the black orb, concentrating deeply as
you do so. You feel your mind escaping from your body, flowing into the black
orb. Like stepping out of a portal, you arrive inside a small but comfortable
room in a house in Gont. You see a dark-eyed woman who is cooking dinner. She
pauses and frowns slightly at the recipe she is following. Your vision becomes
blurry, and you return to your body with a jerk, instinctively removing your 




No. of People Required 1
Alignment Restrictions
Race Restrictions
Guild Restrictions
Potentially Deadly
Skills Required
Equipment Required
Other quests that need to be completed 1st
Earthsea - Headache Cure
Killing Required
Time Dependent No
Situation Dependent Can only when tide is out <check tide>



  • Thera is making a bouillabase and needs you to dig up some clams for her at the beach. 


KEY LOCATIONS / NPC's (Non Player Characters)

  • Thera in Gont
  • Gont Beach



  • <dig for clams>



  • Fill the bucket with water or the clams will die quickly.
  • <check tide> if tide is in, you won't find anything if tide is in. 



Experience Level
A minor quest
Permanent Items
Non Permanent Items
Access to Special Areas


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Comments (2)

Tarax said

at 1:43 pm on May 14, 2017

Anyone got a figure for how long you have to wait till the tide goes from high to low?
It seems like quite a long time, an hour real time maybe?

Tarax said

at 9:25 pm on May 14, 2017

Re did this quest with a second and to be honest I found it extremely annoying.
1. It is time dependent, that is not that big a deal in itself, but
2. The <dig for clams> command takes time to complete 20 secs or so, it could be a lot faster!
3. Even when you have the timing correct the rate you actually find clams at is low, meaning a lot more searches attempts are required.
"You cannot find a clam.
You stop digging and rise."

I dug once on every room on the beach at low tide and found nothing at all!!! Sure this tip is correct?
Then I started digging multiple times in the same room then. No better luck. No other holes were about ie someone not gone just before me.
I was LD for a bit then cam back and it was halfway to low-tide.
Then I found some clams, trying once in each room again.
I still had to go up and down the beach several times to fill the bucket. It was like 60 searches (digs) plus in total to get 10 clams, which was enough for her.

It is a long and tedious quest, but the experience was nice. Fantastic at adventurer.

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