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The quick cheat sheet reference here has been copied from the great work that Booger did.  Full document here.  http://www.lysator.liu.se/~tomca/genesis/My%20files/Imbuements.txt




Imbuements (so far)


smell of musk from surface         +str                 ogrestone
smell of vanilla from surface      +dis                 steelstone
smell of alcohol from surface      +con                 dwarfstone
smell of lavender from surface     +int                 gnomestone
smell of sage from surface         +wis                 elfstone
smell of cinnamon from surface     +dex                 hobbitstone

surface opalesque tint             water spells +10     surfstone
surface grey tint                  death spells +10     corpsestone
surface brown tint                 earth spells +10     soilstone
surface blue tint                  life spells +10      ankhstone
surface azure tint                 air spells +10       guststone
surface rose tint                  fire spells +10      emberstone

pulsing aura of a stallion         polearm +10          skewerstone
pulsing aura of a lion             sword +10            edgestone
pulsing aura of a spider           knife +10            needlestone
pulsing aura of a boar             club +10             crushstone
pulsing aura of a badger           axe +10              cleavestone
pulsing aura of a monkey           unarmed combat +10   palmstone

Beryl formations along surface     fire-slay elf        charstone
Bone formations along surface      fire-slay undead     lifestone
Diamond formations along surface   fire-slay dragon     heavenstone
Granite formations along surface   fire-slay ogre       doomstone
Ivory formations along surface     fire-slay minotaur   hoofstone
Mithril formations along surface   fire-slay dwarf      gallstone
Onyx formations along surface      fire-slay goblin     darkstone
Peridot formations along surface   fire-slay gnome      gearstone
Quartz formations along surface    fire-slay halfling   piestone
Sapphire formations along surface  fire-slay human      fellstone
Topaz formations along surface     fire-slay troll      firestone

aura of light surrounds            light +1/+3/+?       morningstone
aura of darkness surrounds         light -1/-?/-5       nightstone
aura of crimson energy             spellcraft +10       lodestone
aura of well-being                 extra AC             wardstone
aura of viciousness                increased weapon-acc guidestone
aura of malevolence                increased damage     stingstone

feeling of unease                  resist life          mummystone
goosebumps being around            resist cold          woolstone
urge to sneeze                     resist poison        sweatstone
dull feeling                       resist magic         quietstone
tickle in your throat              resist water         duckstone
feeling of calm                    resist fire          powderstone
ringing in your ears               resist air           tarpstone
itching sensation                  resist acid          salvestone
hair-raising sensation grips you   resist electricity   rubberstone
feeling of nausea                  resist death         larsstone
feeling of drowsiness              resist earth         riverstone

clusters of frost cling            cold damage          snapstone
disturbance in the air surrounding air-bolts damage     blowstone
hissing sound                      heat damage          bluestone
fluctuation in colour              earth damage         sinkstone
acid sheen                         acid damage          ruststone
drops of faintly green moisture    poison damage        aspstone
odor of decay                      death damage         blackstone
enveloped by white flames          elemental damage     orangestone
ripples of blue electricty         elecricity damage    ampstone

feeling of security emanates       heals the user       balmstone
sparkle bewitches your senses      darkvision           torchstone
orange glow                        awareness            eyestone
gleam of mithril coat              increased durability ironstone
whine is coming                    speed                mercurystone
drone issues from this             slow opponent        grogstone
clicking sound                     blindfighting +10    molestone
emitting a purring sound           hide +10, sneak +10  rodentstone
pulses with a silvery aura         two handed combat +10 twinstone
purple gleam                       parry +10            deftstone
swirling bands of yellow energy    defence +10          shieldstone

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