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Shire Quests

Page history last edited by ragni 2 years, 4 months ago

The domain of Gondor makes up roughly half of the lands of Middle Earth, an area of the realms so huge it makes practical sense to split it into two but the join between then is seamless so along with the Shire domain together they are more often referred to as being Middle Earth.

It is a fantastic re-creation of the Tolkien fantasy world and is a firm favorite for many players.  Middle Earth and the Gondor side of the domain in particular could be considered more dangerous than many other areas in Genesis.  This is because the npc's there will sometimes react unfavorably to you character just because of their race or alignment and this may affect the quests available to them.  Some of those npc's are powerful and employ more crafty fighting techniques such as hunting you, blocking, fleeing.  But do not let that put you off as it is a wonderful world to discover.  As you can see by the sheer number of quests there it is very worthwhile to make the effort to do so!



For some general tips on the area refer to the page General Tips - Gondor



Copied from http://www.genesismud.org/world/



Click on the map for a larger view. 






Each Quest has its own page, so you can write comments related to it and you can "star" it.



  1: Letter Quest 1 Shire - Letter Quest 1
  2: Letter Quest 2 Shire - Letter Quest 2
  3: Missing Black Horse Shire - Black Horse
  4: Help Mrs. Maggot 1 Shire - Help Mrs Maggot 1
  5: Help Mrs. Maggot 2 Shire - Help Mrs Maggot 2
  6: Fix Bracelet Shire - Fix Bracelet
  7: Lost Brooch Shire - Lost Brooch
  8: Writing Quest Shire - Writing Quest
  9: Imladris Forest Shire - Imladris Forest
 10: Help Tom Bombadil 1 Shire - Help Tom Bombadil 1
 11: Help Tom Bombadil 2 Shire -  Help Tom Bombadil 2
 12: Farmers Hay Shire - Farmers Hay
 13: Hobbit Lunch Quest Shire - Hobbit Lunch Quest
 14: Missing Bracelet Shire - Missing Bracelet
 15: Milk Quest Shire - Milk Quest
 16: Adventuresome Hobbits Entrance Shire - Adventuresome Hobbits Entrance
 17: Pie Quest Shire - Pie Quest
 18: Boar Quest Shire - Boar Quest
 19: Locket Quest Shire - Locket Quest
 20: Moria Exit Shire - Moria Exit
 21: Fishing Quest Shire - Fishing Quest
 22: Mapping Quest Shire - Mapping Quest
 23: Feather Quest Shire - Feather Quest
 24: Jet Black Scimitar Quest Shire - Jet Black Scimitar Quest
 25: Climb Quest Shire - Climb Quest

 26: Torch Quest

Shire - Torch Quest

 27: Prisoner Part #1 Shire - Prisoner 1
 28: Prisoner Part #2 Shire - Prisoner 2
 29: Prisoner Part #3 Shire - Prisoner 3
 30: Prisoner Part #4 Shire - Prisoner 4


All quest links should be work and have at least the quest orb information.


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Comments (2)

ragni said

at 11:21 pm on Jun 10, 2015

I don;t think the Climb quest is a valid quest anymore. It's not on my quest orb list.
Xochaedo did you do the quest recently or years ago ?

Shanoga said

at 11:59 pm on Jun 10, 2015

Just completed it within the last two weeks and received experience. I only added it because it was in my quest orb. That's also why I re-ordered all of the numbers after it. Definitely in my quest orb now.

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