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Most of these maps were originally posted by the generosity of one of the games players at  (now defunct)

They are also now hosted at

Many of them now have small inconsistencies with the changes that have occurred in the game since that time but they are still very useful and it is very difficult to create ones that look as nice without special software.





Ansalon Maps

See Krynn


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Avenir Maps


Caves, Sybarus Bazaar & Holm





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Calia Maps


Gelan, Kroug Plains, Mountain Path, Sea Area, Argos, Caves, Edoral Isle






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Earthsea Maps



Gont and Surrounding Area

Note: Piers are out of date.





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Emerald Maps



Telberin, North Shore including Orc Caves and Army of Darkness Guild

Note: Not shown is the entrance to the Grunts guild and that area (its via entering a dark hole near the Army of Darkness entrance)



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Faerun Maps


No Map submitted yet


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Gondor Maps



North West Middle Earth - Grey Havens, Hobbiton, Orc Camp, Watching Orc Camp, Barrow Downs, Old Forest, Bree, Inn of the Last Home






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Kalad Maps

Note: The piers are out of date





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Khalakhor Maps




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Krynn Maps



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Liwitch Maps


                                                                 3 maps are rumoured to have been created.

                                                                 1 map was stolen and 2 maps were destroyed.

                                                                 The domain is closed by the administration

                                                                 to protect the longevity of Genesis.



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Raumdor Maps




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Shire Maps

See Gondor


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Sparkle Maps


Sparkle Town, Dwarfheim, Orc Camp, Green Oaks




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Terel Maps



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Tyr Maps




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