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Quest Page Template

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<This is a template Delete all the text or choose one option etc for everything between the <>'s  
including this section...  The example uses various different quests apologies if it is confusing>
<Remember to Add Tags: Quest, The_Domain_Name Quest>


<Add the orb tip minus the extra fluff, for example>

You find yourself inside a pathetic looking hut somewhere in the Entwash area north of Edoras in Gondor.

You see an old hermit who is constantly slapping himself fending off mosquitos.

<-instead of- 

You reach out and place your hands on the black orb, concentrating deeply as
you do so. You feel your mind escaping from your body, flowing into the black
orb. Like stepping out of a portal, you find yourself inside a pathetic looking
hut somewhere in the Entwash area north of Edoras in Gondor. You see an old
hermit who is constantly slapping himself fending off mosquitos. Your vision
becomes blurry, and you return to your body with a jerk, instinctively removing
your hands from the orb.>




No. of People Required 1
Alignment Restrictions
Race Restrictions
<No Elves/No Goblins/None/Unknown>
Guild Restrictions
<No Dragonarmies/No Knights/None/Unknown>
Potentially Deadly
<Yes - You can fall to your death etc/No>
Skills Required
<Some Location Sense>
Equipment Required
<A Knife, Backpack, Light etc>
Other quests that need to be completed 1st
<Is it in a series, must others be done 1st>
Killing Required
<eg Yes - Tough for a wanderer, easy above that>
Time Dependent <EG This quest is only available during the ME calander year XXXX, parts can only be completed at night>
Situation Dependent <EG When the tide is high/there is a storm the beach is under water, need the beach to uncovered by water to do the quest>



  • <Find the Quest NPC and get the quest 1st, they will give you a bucket and ask you to fill it with clams
  • Head to the beach to collect the clams you need
    • Note You need to think of a way to keep the clams alive while in the bucket
  • Once the bucket is full Return to the Quest NPC for your reward>



KEY LOCATIONS / NPC's (Non Player Characters)

  • <Aunty -  female human
  • House in SW GONT Port Area - Aunty's house
  • SE GONT Beach Area, this can be reached off a south fork on the road to North Gont or from Gont Port via the Armed Clifs.>




  • <The syntax for searching the beach for clams is 'dig here for clams'>




  • <Be careful when you fall off the tightrope, it will cause health damage and if you have low enough con or already low health the fall can kill you.
  • Make sure you get the killing blow on the gnat yourself, otherwise you will not get the full experience available.
  • The quest offers you a choice of money or exps, exps is much more valuable in the long term>



Experience Level
<A Tour/A Minor Quest/A Major Quest>
Permanent Items
<A necklace of human hair/Zodiac gem>
Non Permanent Items
<Defender sword or Hide Cloak>
Access to Special Areas
<You can now enter Thallisia>


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