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Domain Quests Template

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<Write A little blurb on the Domain, Is it big, whats it inspired by Tolkien?, Is it a hostile or friendly place?>



For some general tips on the area refer to the page <Create a tips page or link to it if it exists>



Copied from http://www.genesismud.org/world/



Click on the map for a larger view.  <add the full map image scaling it down so it is visible>




Each Quest has its own page, so you can write comments related to it and you can "star" it.





Probably... For some at least.  As not all quest pages are being created up front.


This page has been set-up as a framework to guide the creation of the pages for the quests, setting up their name in advance.  So the name is directly related to the quest orbs.  When a page does not exist already clicking on its link will prompt you to create that page. 

The plan is for this site to be a tool for the community to use to help each other with quests.

See Guide - Creating a Quest Page for some instructions how to create a quest page.


If you want to see all the quest pages that have already been created use the Tag:Quests


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