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General Tips

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General Tips and Reference Information

  • Newbie Guide - If you are still quite new check this out you might find something useful
  • Imbuements  - Link to what the imbuements on items do, Cool weapons buffs created by Gorboth, List compiled by Booger, used by everyone lol
  • Tutorial Journal - A copy of the tutorial journal
  • Grinding Ground - A list of places roughly matched to mortal levels for when you are wondering what you should go kill
  • Resistance Herbs and Items - Equipment and preparation can help in tough quests


More Specific Tips related to the Domains


Useful Commands 

  • Checking your growth - You can use the <stats> command to see how much progress a quest gave you after you get the reward. If you then want to put progress back to zero before the next quest you can use <stats reset> instead of having to relog.  That will also be handy for counting the "Fantas" after you start grinding again with your wicked low brute!  ; )
  • Killing - Tired of typing the name of the different types of monsters.  Try <kill it> but be very careful with this as if someone enters the room then you type it you will try and kill them!
  • Light - Seeing who is shining light or exuding dark <appraise light>
  • Levels for things - It is really nice for immersion that the game avoids using numbers and percentages to describe things.  The <levels> command tells you the list of things you can check for example <levels stat-dexterity>, <levels mortal> and why you are questing in the first place <levels brute> 
  • Managing your inventory and loot - here it is helpful to know generic commands that help with how the game targets items.  I don't know of any help file for this just learned it from experience.  If you have better ways please comment!  
    • <... items> works kind of like all but for situations you can't use all in, like the next example
    • <.. imbued items> 
    • <... unworn armours>
    • <... worn armours>
    • <... wielded weapons>
    • <... unwielded weapons>
    • <... it>
  •  It is worth setting up some aliases to help you with these. Some examples in zMud format
    • #alias rackun {put unworn armours in rack;put unwielded weapons in rack}
    • #alias checkswords {get sword from rack;appraise it}
    • #alias getimbued {get imbued items from corpse}
  • Checking Quest Orbs - A quick typer for checking your characters quest orbs when you are in the tower of realms at street level.  Speeds things up a LOT.



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