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Quest Areas by Domain

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The Genesis World

The creation of the Genesis Atlas was a great project carried out to help give players an idea of the shape of the Genesis World.  The World is divided up into different distinct areas called Domains.

This site has re-used the Atlas images to help you visualize things. (The project has been discontinued but keeping them here for reference.)




Quests by Domain

Each domain has had a separate page created listing its quests, this is mirroring the way they are orgainsed in the Tower of Realms in the game.



Useful Tags

Tags are a way to group and organise different pages across this site.

  • If you want to see all the quest pages that have already been created use the


  • For those that are just starting out it is a good idea to start with those quests which are recommended for beginners



  • It is also a good idea when starting out to get the quests which have alignment or guild restrictions out of the way early before you make some guild choices that could prevent you being able to do them later.



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