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The Tower of Realms (well not quite) (redirected from The-Tower-of-Realms-(well-not-quite)

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Welcome! :D


What is Genesis LPMUD?


If you are already here chances are you know what we are talking about.  But if not, you should check out the game that still has many loyal fans and players who get a kick out of it.  They are a unique breed among today's age of a super commercial multi-million dollar gaming industry main-stream.   This was never really a main-stream genre but it is how some people have been getting their gaming and role-playing kicks for years!


Interested?  Find out more here.




Why create this site?


In Genesis, quests are a vital part of the game, they are one of the game's largest assets. 

It is through many thousands of hours highly creative work by wizards that they are ours to enjoy.

The Goal for this guide is that if the population was to stop talking and no wiz info was available that this site could be used to have a good chance of completing every quest you are eligible to.


Yes you are still going to have to drill down through descriptions, examining and searching, being puzzled and challenged, but that is part of the fun.


Just think:

  • Even many of the people playing the game for years still have quests to do!
  • "I make a fanta faster just killing"  That is true for a while but in the long run getting buff on your quest exp is the best thing any character can do if they want to grow.
  • Questing can be the most fun part of the game, or the most frustrating, lets help make it fun for each other. 
  • Not everyone is an English speaker as a first language, use the comments section on each quest page to share tips for other speakers of your mother tongue.
  • This style of site was chosen because YOU can create a log in here and "star" pages use it to track your progress.
  • "Cook Books" ie Complete walk-throughs get you to the exps fast, but you are cheating yourself of learning about the area and the fun of solving it for yourself.
  • Though nowaday cook books like above are not illegal anymore, but if we can we would suggest you to used our hint first rather than using cookbook and make some quick fanta exp mindlessly. It's your choice eventually :)


Using Tips Versus Full Walk Through

Well there is clearly an appetite for both.  

If you are a first time player I would recommend trying to go down the tips route.  As you learn a lot more about the game and its areas by questing there properly.  But if you are playing a second and are trying to think as little as possible and just blast through quests then we can see why walk through docs are attractive.  So added a section here to for those type of documents, link at the bottom of the page.


So what is a good tip/hint?

Its is a bit difficult to define a rule for this so we are just going to have to use our best judgement.

Generally however the following example would be considered too much information.

Go to the top of the stairs there and examine window, then climb out window, then climb up the drainpipe.

So use the less is more principle.  For example:

If you look around in that building on the second floor you should be able to find some non obvious exits.


What about Syntax hints?

Syntax here refers to the way the commands you need to type are worded.  We can assume that the mudders using this page are familiar with the need to thoroughly examine and search things when questing.

Syntax tips are very important for mudding quest fun as nothing is more likely to make someone give up on a quest then when they know what they want to do but can't find the correct command to do it.

So the problem here is you don't want to have a nice set of leading hints and then give the game away when helping them the syntax.

So for example in finding out that there is something outside of the window is part of the exploring stage of the quest you don't want to say.

Syntax tip: examine third window from the left

If possible you need to think of

Syntax tip: You will need to 'examine <first,second,third,etc> X from the <left,right>'

This was maybe not the best example since it was made up, but hopefully you get the idea.




Ready to start Questing?


Quest Areas by Domain




Don't care for Tips?


Quest Spoilers







Other Stuff

Mudlet Client - A powerful free client, improve your mudding experience

Newbie Guide - A nice guide for those new to Genesis

Grinding Ground - A list of Grinding Grounds matched to a players current level

General Tips  - General Tips for the different areas in the game

Genesis Maps - Maps of the room layout of the game

Imbuement - List of imbuements, powerful magic buffs that can found randomly removed and reused on any equipment (if you can afford it)


Progress Update - Status of the ongoing work to improve the site

Wanted - Wish List for the Site


External Links

Forum The Games Official Forum

Discord Chat Channel Set up for players to help each other

Weapons and Armour List being compiled by Grondor as a Google Doc

GenesisFiles Old Skool documents, a lot of the herb info in there is still valid

Booger's Files Some people just love searching games like this for information

Bartle Taxonomy What Type of MUD player are you?


TAGS   Could help you find something you are looking for faster.  Very Useful!

Watch out for these in the corner of the page, tag images etc 


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Comments (5)

Tarax said

at 9:05 pm on Jun 8, 2011

Remember, you can help this guide become more useful. Sign up and you can add your comments and edit create pages.
Note: The email address you use to sign up will be visible to the admins.
All Welcome!

Tarax said

at 1:08 am on Mar 28, 2012

Great Work Ragni creating SOOOOOOOOOO much content.
Nice one.

Thanks :D

Tarax said

at 5:36 pm on Feb 19, 2015

Nice to see this is still being improved, good work Keltar and everyone else!
When you have the page finished try adding a few tags to help with browsing and grouping.


Tarax said

at 3:31 am on May 17, 2017

A foul-smelling savage male orc arrives stepping out of no-where!
The foul-smelling savage male orc bares sharp teeth in cruel laugther.
The foul-smelling savage male orc snarls: Long have I waited in the shadows, allowing thy Dark Plots to come to fruition. Watching you all unknowingly doing my biding, dancing around like so many puppets on a string! While all the time you have been gathering to me the very knowledge that shall be your undoing!
The foul-smelling savage male orc snarls: Now the time for such mummery is at an end.
The foul-smelling savage male orc shouts: BEHOLD!!! It is I, TARAX! MUhahahahhaHHAHA

Hiyas, just a little RP joke.
I'm changing from the name GenesisQuestList to that of my main char T
Back when this was started Quests and solutions were still a bit taboo, nowadays everyone is happy to see players helping each other. Long may it continue. ;)
You also might wonder why so far I'm credited as contributing on so few pages. Well before now I was also using a second of mine whenever I added any tips. I did that because Tarax isn't a particularly friendly character in game. But again, I don't think people care much about that now.

Hope you enjoy the site, Cheers - T's player

The Opposition said

at 8:42 am on Feb 17, 2022

Stay safe. Keep the world safe. Join the Opposition.

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