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General Tips - Gondor

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Domain specific:

  • This area is quite large, and if you're of small stature, can be exhausting to reach from the Grey Havens port. Stock up on fatigue restoring herbs or rent a horse.

Things to watch out for:

  • You should make sure to visit Calmcacil in the city of Minas Tirith. He offers some of the better store-bought platemail. I think the best combination of orders is a high-steel plate cuirass. The armour is very expensive (~6000 copper), but fortunately there is a bank nearby. 

  • Visit Gunthor, the Master of Advice in the Third Circle(I think) of Minas Tirith. He has some tasks for you.

Free Food:

  • Can you eat for free?


Free Drink:

  • Rivers, Wells etc / Unknown



  • ?



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