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Racial Guild - Order of Thanar (Human)

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Guild Location:

  • In the church beside the citadel in Kabal


Joining-Leaving Restrictions:

  • Mortal Restriction: None
  • Racial Restriction: Human
  • Alignment Restriction: Evil
  • Joining-Entrance Quest: Sacrifice
  • Council: Omnipotent Avatar of Thanar
  • Leaving Penalty: loss or decay of skills


General Information:

  • Guild Type: Racial
  • Guild Trinket: chain necklace
  • Guild Special Ability:  summon messenger, +1
  • Guild God: Thanar
  • Guild Rules:  Members are expected to:
-Worship the great Lord Thanar.
-Spread the cause throughout the lands.
-Pity demi-humans as they are not pure humans.


  • Guild Messenger: black snake
  • Guild Political: Humans supreme. Pity the demi-humans. Hate the disgusting half-elves.


General Skills:

Skill Name
Maximum Level
Conjuration  Superior Amateur
Defence Superior Layman
Sword  Superior Journeyman 
Life Spells Superior Amateur
Location Sense Superior Journeyman
Air Spells Superior Amateur
Appraise Enemy Superior Acolyte
Herbalism Superior Acolyte
Language Superior Layman
Awareness Superior Journeyman
Spellcraft Superior Layman
Divination  Superior Amateur 


Guild Experience and Tax:

  • Guild experience: Killing and questing
  • Effects of extra guild experience: increase in rank
  • Guild Tax = unsure



  • Emotes leaning towards the arrogant behavior of human supremacy. 



  • Evil-align 


Additional Information:

  • Not sure why there are life and air spells as I can't seem to find any spells that can be learned in the guild.


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