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Racial Guild - Amazons racial guild

Page history last edited by Sibbedidenn 2 years, 10 months ago

Guild Location:

Silent Forest, Calia.


Joining-Leaving Restrictions:

  • Mortal Restriction: none.
  • Racial Restriction: human.
  • Alignment Restriction: none.
  • Joining-Entrance Quest: There is a guardian at the entrance of the guild, Ophelia the Courageous Amazon of the Silent Forest, she gives you a token and you may then enter. Inside, just north, you will find Azealia the Legendary Amazon of the Silent forest, who then instructs you on how to join. NOTE: it used to be that an amazon would have to sponsor you with a token in order to join. To quote Ophelia, "...there are so few of us these days, so I will just give you one.". She is speaking of the sponsorship tokens, so it now very easy to join the Amazons! If you can find them.
  • Council: none.
  • Leaving Penalty: They say it is hard to join a second time but that may be leftover from when it was a more active guild, like the invite only membership.


General Information:

  • Guild Type: Racial guild.
  • Guild Trinket: a small wooden token.
  • Guild Special: none
  • Guild Deity/God/Purpose: none
  • Guild Rules: none
  • Guild Messenger: none
  • Guild Political: none


General Skills:

Skill Name
Maximum Level
Appraise enemy  superior layman   
Climb  superior acolyte
Hunting  superior layman   
Animal handling superior layman  
Polearm superior journeyman  
Missiles  superior acolyte   
Location sense superior layman  
Awareness superior acolyte  
Tracking superior layman  


Guild Experience and Tax:

  • Guild experience: Killing and questing.
  • Effects of extra guild experience: Gaining title
  • Guild Tax = unknown



  • If you are not a member of a guild that teaches awareness, location sense, climb, or any of the above general skills, it is great for supplementing both occ and lay guilds.  
  • Optional starting room which has the unique or rare function of acting like an inn as well; viz. you can 'sleep here' as well as 'rest here', the rest option being only over the next log-in.
  • Guild post office. 
  • If you are in both occ and lay magic guilds then the polearm skill is a great way to supplement your combat routine.
  • It is secluded enough so that even though they do not have racks, if you leave your things on the ground, they should be fine. 



  • No racks.
  • Sexist, kidding. 


Additional Information: To be added. 



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