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Domain specific:

  • Gem Stores in Bree, Palanthas, Sybarus Bazaar, Worshipers, Emerald, Pelargir, Calathin


Wanted to place a list for Gems and values:

  • Want to buy for the Goblin Love quest or insert a gem in a certain weapon? 


Things to watch out for:

  • The areas that are less visited have more gems in stock e.g. Calathin has est 55 Black diamonds as of 24/9/2017 12:00 (+8UMT) and est 200 glittering diamonds






Name of Gem

  Platinum Gold Silver
Black Diamond +8     
Glittering Diamond  +7     
Red Beryl  +5     
Lucent Emerald +5     
Red Ruby +4     
Vivid Alexandrite (Calathin) 3*    
Yellow Topaz  +2     
Sea Agate +2    
Blue Sapphire 
Fire Agate  ~2     
Blue Spinel  +1     
Iridescent Opal  +1     
Blue Lapis Lazuli    +8  
Shining Bloodstone    ~7  
Banded Tourmaline    +6  
White Pearl    +6  
Purple Amethyst    +6  
Green Peridot    ~6  
Yellow Beryl    ~6  
Orange-Red Garnet    ~6  
Violet Spinel    +5  
Red Carnelian    +4  
Green Chrysoprase    +4  
Lambent Moonstone    +3  
Black Onyx    +3  
Yellow Amber    +2  
Striped Chalcedony    +2  
Oval Turquoise    +2  
Pink Coral    +1  
Marbled Agate    +1  
Red Jasper    +1  
Rose Quarts     
Golden Pyrite    
















































     + More than

     ~ Almost

     * Value undetermined as stock available is not presented



  • Prices were based on the Bree shop as of 17th of September 2017 05:30 PM +8UMT
  • Prices in the list are for references.
  • These change each time the gem gets purchased or varies on the size of the gem. 
  • To be updated if there are missing gems. 




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