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Guild Page

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Guild Location:

  • Just northwest of Solace.


Joining-Leaving Restrictions:

  • Mortal Restriction: none.
  • Racial Restriction: dwarves, kender, goblinoids, minotaurs, and ogres are not accepted here.
  • Alignment Restriction: none.
  • Joining-Entrance Quest: none, it is walk up and join.
  • Council: N/A
  • Leaving Penalty: Your spellbook and all learned spells are forfeit.


General Information:

  • Guild Type: Occupational, Magic User.
  • Guild Trinket: Spellbook, Wand (used with certain spells).
  • Guild Special: Arcane Focus; a skill which affects your flexibility as a magic user. Specifically, it allows you to memorize and unmemorize spells faster as a Sohm.
  • Guild Special Ability: Spells!
  • Guild Deity/God/Purpose: N/A
  • Guild Rules: No violence or theft within the school walls. Other than that, you are free. 
  • Guild Messenger: suacovisp/Wind Whisper; instant messenger, costs one copper.
  • Guild Political: The School does not take a side in the wars that plague Krynn. Although, students are free to do whatever they like outside of the schools walls.

General Skills:Spells Spells Spells

Skill Name
Maximum Level
Air Spells  Superior Journeyman 

Air, Fire, Water, or Earth

can be chosen as a primary

element. Once chosen you may

train your primary to Confident 



Water Spells   Superior Journeyman
Earth Spells  Superior Journeyman   

Fire Spells

Superior Journeyman 

Abjuration Superior Journeyman

The same applies for the

forms, abjuration, conjuration, 

enchantment, divination, illusion

and transmutation. Confident


Conjuration Superior Journeyman  
Divination Superior Journeyman  
Enchantment Superior Journeyman  
Illusion Superior Journeyman  
Transmutaion Superior Journeyman  
Arcane Focus Confident Veteran Guild special skill.
Herbalsim Superior Professional  
Spellcraft  Confidant Veteran  

Superior Journeyman

Defence Superior Journeyman  


Guild Experience and Tax:

  • Guild experience: You get experience in the Sohm by hunting, and completing quests.
  • Effects of extra guild experience: As you gain experience as a Sohm you will also gain titles, viz. Fresh Tyro of Sorcery, Lesser Novitiate of Sorcery. With each title you are able to memorize an increasing number of spells and unlock new kinds of spells, therefore, more guild experience provides access to more spells.
  • Guild Tax = Unknown



  • A wide variety of spells. See this page: Spells
  • Racks, start room.



  • No life spells or death spells..
  • As a mage, you may have trouble dual wielding items, particularly shields when casting spells. 

Additional Information:




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