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Mudlet Package - Mudlet Mapper Config

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Package Created by:  Dixel - Thanks! 



What it does To use the built in mapper in mudlet you first need to install a mapper configuration file.  That is exactly what this is.
Other Packages Required None
Built In Customisation Options None
File Mapper_Modified.xml 
(this one didn't install properly from inside a zip file)


Go back to the Mudlet Page


Example Screenshot

  • Example showing just this package installed and nothing else


You don't see anything different really when its installed, apart from a message saying you need to set up an area when you move around.
So will provide a bit more info how to get started mapping. 



Click the map icon to show the map window



Use the newarea command to create your first area, eg <newarea Sparkle>



Move around and the mapper starts created room automatically



Move around and the mapper starts created room automatically, it is very good at not putting rooms in the wrong place when you try and walk in a direction that doesn't exist.



You can speed walk to any room you have already mapped by double clicking on it in the 2D map view.



You can click on the 2D/3D button to switch to a 3D map, spin it around and stuffs.  Speed walking is done by clicking on any room once when you are in 3d view.



Right clicking in 2D view gives you more options for editing the map, adding labels and stuff like that



Step by Step - How to Install any Package in Mudlet

  • All the steps to Install a package


Click package manager 


Click Install Package



Browse to package on hard drive, click open


Click ok






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