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Mudlet Client

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Cost: FREE!


Pros and Cons:

  • Pros
    • Multi platform on all the modern operating systems
    • This supports GMCP a massive pro which means the Magic Map can be used.
    • It is actively being developed
    • It is very easy to re-use each others content, installing stuff as packages
    • Looking at what some other muds have already done the potential is mind blowing
    • It is as powerful as it gets in terms of scripting, UI customisation etc 
  • Cons
    • Initially it is not just as simple to use as the web client or other clients you were already familiar with
    • There is not a huge amount of readily install-able add-ons available for Genesis... yet..
    • It is a little bit complicated to take stuff created by others and tweak it how you'd like 



  • Server: mud.genesismud.org
  • Port: 3011


List of Packages You Can Install for Gen:

Compiling the packages for mudlet that people in the Genesis community have shared for others to be able to add them.



Examples from Genesis Players:

  • Dixel's set up posted on the Gen Forums.  Can see that they have magic map as well as a nice status panel



  • Dakhor's  Setup also from the Forum.  Can see they have the magic map windowed and also are using mudlets own mapper.  They have status bars and a tabbed chat window.


Inspiring Examples from Other Muds:

  • Really nice GUI for status bars, found on Mudlet Forum here

  • Example of Totally Tweaked GUI with the MUD window in the middle, found by google image searching mudlet




  • Example of just having a nice artistic image to keep you company lol, found by google image searching mudlet


  • Example of EXTREME customisation where the game ends up looking like Zelda or something! found by google image searching mudlet



  • Mmmm Diablo



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