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Occupational Guild - The Knights of Solamnia

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Guild Location:

  • Vingaard, Solamnia, Ansalon


Joining-Leaving Restrictions:

  • Mortal Restriction: Unknown
  • Racial Restriction: Only humans, half-elves and dwarves
  • Alignment Restriction: Good align only
  • Joining-Entrance Quest: Apply on board in Vingaard, find a sponsor, perform the joining ceremony.
  • Council: Conclave of Knights
  • Leaving Penalty: Loss of life, experience and guild skills. If banished then inability to join guild again and life, experience, guild skills and potentially other general skills


General Information:

  • Guild Type: Occupational
  • Guild Trinket: Tunic
  • Guild Special: Knights have horses
  • Guild Special Ability: rescue and attack (for Squires) and kattack for Knights.
  • Guild Deity/God/Purpose: Paladine / Honor and loyalty
  • Guild Rules: Oath and Measure. Additional rules added by ruling Conclave of Knights.
    • Must always remain good aligned 
    • Must maintain prestige by acting in Knightly manner
    • Do not steal from others
    • Do not attack and/or kill others (exceptions based upon Conclave orders)
    • Cheating is dishonourable 
  • Guild Messenger: 
  • Guild Political: 


General Skills:

Skill Name
Maximum Level
Sword  Superior Master 
Club  Superior Professional
Polearm  Confident Veteran 
Parry  Superior Master 
Defence Confident Veteran
Two-handed combat Superior Craftsman
Blindfighting Superior Acolyte
Awareness Superior Craftsman
Language Confident Professional
Kattack Superior Guru
Rescue Superior Guru


Guild Experience and Tax:

  • Guild experience: From killing and questing, performing certain acts at levels to prove valor and advance within the guild
  • Effects of extra guild experience: Advancement
  • Guild Tax =  Unknown



  • Horses and their advantages
  • Use of most weapon types
  • Role-play
  • Titles system (Order of Crown, Sword and Rose)





Additional Information:




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