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Newbie Guide

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Basic Concepts

  • Stats 
    • You can focus on stats you want at any Adventure Guild by <meditate> 
    • Strenght: More damage each hit, carry more weight; Dexterity: More hit, accurate, dodge; Constitution: More health, carry more weight.
    • Intelligence: More mana, deal bettet magic damage, remember more name; Wisdom: Same as intelligence; Discipline: Able to attack another. 
    • Focus  
  • HEALTH (Constitution), MANA (Intelligence), FATIGUE (Constitution).
  • Foods and Waters
    • Food recover Fatigue, Water recover Mana.
    • Stay well fed (barely eat/drink) to prevent exhausted which result unable to move, fight, cast spell ... 
  • Encumbrance
    •  More item you carry, more weight, more fatigue, less hit and accurate in combat.
    • Always travel light when you are young. 
  • Magic
    •  This is elite stuff and hard to get access to the best spells. Only guilds teach spells, and the best have roleplaying requirements.
  • Roleplay
    • Genesis has a robust system of social interaction that benefits roleplay. You don’t have to do it, but if you do, you can rise in power. Roleplay is also well reciprocated.
  • Experience
    •  Quest EXP: From Questing. You don’t lose it when you die. Most Important
    • Combat EXP: From Killing. You lose it when you die.
    • General EXP: From Herbing, Crafting, ... . You lose it when you die.
    • Brutality: When you Killing your brutallity will rise and result less EXP you receive in combat. Questing will lower brutality. Balance it 



  • Money: Kill bunnies and wolves, loot all they carry, take it to the shop, sell all. NEVER minimize coins for you lose ~25% each time you do it, at Tutorial you always need coins. Only old player need use of platinum will do so. Deposit left coins at bank for coins have weight too.


  • Skill: 1st Unarmed Combat because you dont have weapon, 2nd Awareness for quest, 3rd Herbalism for quest, 4th Defence so demon dont beat up you, 5th Sword most common weapon for fight with Vampire, 6th Sneak if you choose evil align, 7th LEARN ALL THE REST


  • Tutorial Quest Guide: Clove need to put in backpack and closed before swim back. Garlic need to be pick at garden, you just need to hold it in inventory, the vampire will suffer itself. You can kill BIG lion alone but need fully armoured and skills to do so. Read every sign (Journal quest) and talk to every NPC (ask 'name/character' help), COMPLETE ALL QUEST before leave for there are no return.


Joining The World

  • Money: You can ask around for sponsor, big player will give you a chunk of money 
  • Quest: Visit Carlsan, he have few quest to guide you around the town. There is quest in Pelargir (below Wanderer level) called NEW BEE.
  • Skill: Learn all skills in Adventure Guild for its foundation to do quests.
  • Gear: Check Donation box at Sparkle and ask for sponsor or you can be active by exploring Palanthas with information below
    • Weapons: There is a weaponsmith in the merchants quarter that will make any style of weapon you want. They are high quality for being non-magical, and they are lightweight.
    • Armour: There is a leatherworker near the smith who makes custom leather armours. They provide ok protection, and they are lightweight. (Are you starting to detect a theme here? You want gear that’s useful but won’t encumber you, or you’ll fatigue.) Don’t forget gloves and boots. They’ll offer you unique protections on some quests.
    • Packs: The leatherworker also makes custom packs. The lootsack is neat, because it has the <sackloot> command which takes loot directly from a corpse and puts it in your pack without you having to get it. However, it’s heavier than a normal sack (light). A pouch or satchel is also useful. You’ll want something to store items you don’t want to accidentally drop or sell. Remember, keeping things in packs reduces their effective weight, so you don’t want to just carry things in your open inventory for long. On that note, getting a sheath, scabbard, or holster here for your main weapon will help you reduce its weight while not in use.
    • Light: In the Aesthetics quarter, you’ll find a gear shop with your typical lanterns and oil. They also sell a unique fungus clay torch. If you don’t burn it out, it will regrow, so buy two or more and cycle through them. You’ll rarely run out of light.
    • Climb: The gear shop also sells rope (get silk, it’s lighter) and grapples. Fasten them together, then <hold rope> (takes two hands) for a vital boost to your climb skill. You’ll want this for a big chunk of quests.
    • Communication: <ntell> is ok for new player questions, but the rest of the game uses messengers to communicate (or magic spells). Pages (messengers) can be bought 3sw,2se from the main plaza in the Aesthetics quarter. Having a few of these on you can be a big help or get you introductions from people you want to meet.


  • Anyone can use herbs unlike magic which is exclusive and guild dependent so learn to use them.
  • They can dry out, so keep them in an herb safe pack or pouch.
  • They can heal, reduce fatigue, restore mana, provide protections, improve stats, and boost a number of general skills significantly.
  • <search here for herbs> will find available herbs in a room (random based on what grows there). <search here for herbname> will find a specific herb if it grows in that room but only if your herbalism skill is high enough. That level of skill takes a guild or at least craft guild (Gardeners).
  • Herbs save over logouts, so that makes them especially nice to obtain.


What to Do Next

        After leaving the tutorial, getting some cash, improving skills, and getting equipped, you’ll want to quest extensively. Where are the best places for new players? Those are listed below, but it’s recommended you not be a goblin. They’re forbidden from some quest places. You’ll also want to be good aligned. Evils are forbidden from entering some quest places. I know, not great for roleplaying, but you can always kill yourself and turn goblin later.

There are quest orbs in the Tower of Realms in Sparkle that show you which quests you’ve completed and give out hints (some better than others) about how to get started:

  • Solace, Krynn: See Tarshir the Questmaster for a lot of easy quests in the area.
  • Vingaard Keep, Krynn: See Gunthar the knight inside. Good aligned, no goblins, so you want to knock these quests out while you’re young.
  • Minas Tirith, Middle Earth: See Hunthor in the third circle. Good aligned, so knock these easy quests off your list early.
  • Gelan, Calia: Bunch of easy quests scattered around.
  • Argos, Calia: Alexis has a number of easy quests, no alignment restrictions.
  • Emerald: Bunch of BIG quests you can do while you’re small. No restrictions.
  • Kalad, Kabal: Bunch of scattered quests plus Carastur has a half dozen. No restrictions.
  • Sybarus: Lots of scattered quests.
  • Shire: Lots of scattered quests.


        There are many more quests in more lands than listed here, but the bigger ones typically require you to have some fighting prowess. They’re advanced, but you’ll want to knock them all out eventually if you can.


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