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Grinding Ground

Page history last edited by Romalnova 2 years, 2 months ago Saved with comment

Orc Fortress, Sparkle (evil, almost neutral?)
Kobolds, Terel (neutral?)
Aghar/Dewar Dwarves, Palanthas (good/evil)
Gibberers, Green Oaks, Sparkle (neutral)

Orcs, Sarn Ford, (evil)
Satyrs, Calia (good)
Kretans, Calia (evil)

Skeleton, Faerie graveyard, Level 2 (evil)
Water Krougs, Calia (evil)
Tantallon, Krynn, (evil)

Kenders, Flotsam (good) (may be hunted starting adept)
Hobbits, Shire (good) (may be hunted starting adept)

Dark Elves, Sybarus Utterdark, small and weak ones (evil)

Red Fang goblin camp, Kabal

Great Adventurer-Expert

Zombies, Faerie graveyard (neutral)

Spirits, Faerie graveyard, Level 3 (neutral)

Sailors, Gont (neutral)

Guards in Tower ,Gont (neutral)
Kenders, Flotsam (good to neutral)
Hobbits, Shire (good)
Orcs, Faerie (neutral)
Elves, Greenoaks (good)
Undeads, Calia (evil)
Krougs, Calia (evil)
Haradrims, small ones, Gondor, (evil)
Sivaks and Auraks, Krynn/Ansalon (evil)
Skeletons, Tower of Arms, Palanthas (evil)

Knights/Warriors/Lieutenant/Corporal/Legion, Terel Mansion Basement (evil)

Halflings, Terel Snowfield (possible evil to neutral)

Dark Elves, Sybarus Utterdark, average and large (evil)

Dwarves, Haven,Krynn (good)


Rising Hero-Titan
Ranked Guards,Karg Warriors, Gont (neutral)
Centaurs, Flotsam (good)
Guards, Kalaman (good)
Bicorns, Holm (neutral)
Trolobies, Holm (neutral)
Guards, Kabal (good)
Ogres/Giants, Kalad Waste (evil)
Guards, Tower of Arms, Palanthas (good)
Haradrim, big ones, Gondor, (evil)

Wights, Shire (very evil)

War Areas, Krynn/Ansalon (good/evil)
Ogres and Dark Elves, Avenir (neutral?) (for melee players only)
Orcs, Shades, Vampires, Faerun (evil)
Trolls, Neraka (evil)

Trolls, Terel (evil)
Trolls, Mithas (evil)
Minotaurs, Ice Wall (evil)
Elves, Qualinost (good)


Source: Forum

Author: Cherek/community


To Be Updating



Calia - Undead Tunnels and Kroug

Sybarus - Dark elves, Ogres, lizards and other beasts in the Utterdark

Krynn - Human

Faerun - Bullywug, lizardman, orc, vampire, shade

Comments (3)

Tarax said

at 7:39 pm on May 5, 2017

Can get gems from Ogres in Sybarus tunnel I think, can definitely get them on Isle of the dead in Sybarus too
Thought you got them from Mithas trolls?
Do get them from Ents in Fangorn, but they were made very hard to find to kill

Romalnova said

at 9:12 am on Nov 29, 2017

Terel halflings are a bit of a bother because they're adapted to the friggin cold weather in the snowfield/forest.

Romalnova said

at 10:42 am on Jul 7, 2018

Why the heck are the guards in the Tower of Arms easy to kill while veteran? with a full set.

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